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Principal's Message

1st Quarter Highlights

This quarter many students have earned 20 credits and are looking forward to returning to a comprehensive school site.  Others are looking forward to graduation this year.  The first quarter had several highlights.  The Male Academy students went on a field trip to the California African American Museum and participated in a workshop about West African Art.  Several students are participating in the CNA training and certification program.  Students also attended the Building Bridges Camp to help them build social justice, advocacy, and conflict resolution skills. Finally, many of our students are working in the field with our Career Technical Education (CTE) class, Careers with Children.  Beach High School students benefit from a highly skilled and caring staff.  Our staff makes personal connections with students, while simultaneously equipping them with the skills necessary to enter college and careers in the future.   

Welcome Parents/Guardians and Students

Welcome Parents/Guardians and Students,

In just a few years the Beach High School has had a positive impact on the lives of many students.  The success of the students can be accredited to the TEAM-Work of the Beach High School staff, our families and community partners.  I look forward to once again combining efforts to expose, and guide students in a manner that increases their self-efficacy and growth-mindset.  In doing so I believe students will become lifelong learners and productive citizens of our great country.

Student success seldom occurs by chance.  Instead it is the result of the shared efforts and responsibilities of all stakeholders including parents/guardians, the school staff and community members.  We look forward to working together in order to assure Beach High School students experience academic success and possess excellent social skills as they earn credits to transition to a comprehensive high school and graduate both college and career ready.


Troy Bennett